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Rodger May founded MAYDAY MOVIES as Chairman and CEO in 2014 actively involving himself in the motion picture business. Rodger believes that the job of a movie is to Entertain the customer and he has made it his personal mission to make sure that 'MAYDAY MOVIES' succeeds in striving to meet the needs of everyone who watches a 'MAYDAY' film. Rodgers's most recent venture was the 2020 release of 'Animal Crackers' with a stellar cast that included Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Sylvester Stallone, Ian McKellen, and Danny DeVito, to name a few. His other production achievements include that of 'Criminal Activities' (2015) starring Michael Pitt, Dan Stevens, and John Travolta, and later 'Mothers Day' (2016) starring Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Julia Roberts.

Rodger built his ethics, fortunes, integrity, and relationships, over the past 25 years in a multitude of successful business ventures that include, founding 'Copper Leaf, LLC', in 2011 an investment and venture capital company. Rodger is impressively a pioneer and one of the most successful individuals in fisheries and has recently sold his interest in Copper River, where he has had the direct impact of advancing sales from $1 million in 1997 to where he now oversees $300 million in assets. Rodgers instills trust in his investors with his broad range of experiences which have given him a unique perspective on business valuations and wealth creation.



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Mario joined 'MAYDAY MOVIES' as treasurer with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Cyber Security which he received in 2012 from the University of Washington. Mario's recent production achievements include 'Executive Producer' on 'Criminal Activities' in 2015 starring Michael Pitt, Dan Stevens, and John Travolta.


Mario's experiences and achievements exceed past Hollywood with Sales and Logistics at 'Northwest Fish Co' since 2017, a Business consultant at 'Authentic Wagyu' since 2016, and President at 'Aloha Marketing' since 2012.


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